Grease-Dispensing Workstation

May 5, 2005
The 2400 Dispensing Workstation applies grease, oil, and other lubricants without waste, mess, or rework.

The Workstation is a complete benchtop unit that uses a precision air regulator and microprocessor-controlled timer to make uniform dots and neat beads, or fill cavities with consistent amounts of grease. The amount of grease applied is determined by air pressure, tip size, and dispense time. The 0 to 100-psi pressure regulator handles viscosities from light lubricants to thick grease. Dispense time can be adjusted in 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, or 0.0001-sec increments for extremely precise control of deposit size.

Grease is contained in a disposable syringe barrel fitted with a piston that prevents drooling between shots and eliminates waste by wiping the syringe clean as material is dispensed. To apply an identical amount every time, the operator holds the syringe like a pen, places the tip in position, and taps an electric foot pedal.

Operating menus can be viewed in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish on a large LCD display, and all dispenser settings are simultaneously displayed in standard or metric increments.

A system of mounting panels and optional accessories let the 2400 Workstation be customized for specific applications. Options include a flexible task light, a 1.7 magnifier for precision work, syringe mounting rods that leave the operator's hands free and allow the part to be brought to the dispense tip, and an ergonomic grip with a touch-sensor finger switch and LED spotlight to illuminate the dispensing area.

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