Nonbromated, Flame-Retardant Epoxies

Nov. 3, 2005
A family of bromine-free, one and two-part epoxies meet EU environmental directives. Epocast flame-retardant epoxies contain no octabromodihenyl ether (OBDE) or pentabromodiphenyl ether (PBDE) and are qualified for aerospace applications.

Epocast 1618-D/B syntactic is a low-flow paste that meets BMS-5-28, Type-18, Class-1 requirements and features a 15-min work life. It has a 200°F (93°C) service temperature and 5-kpsi compressive strength. Epocast 1633 syntactics come in four color options and are qualified to both BMS 5-28, Type-18, Class-2 and AIMS 08-08-001-04 specs. They have a 2 to 5-min work life with compressive strengths of 6.5 kpsi. Other epoxies in the Epocast family include high (1636-A/B epoxy paste), medium (1614-A1 epoxy paste), and ultralow density (1610-A1) versions as well as a high-strength, a one-component frozen syntactic (938-A1), and two epoxy laminating systems (Epocast 50-A1Hardener 946 and Epocast 50-A1/Hardener 9816).

Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas Inc., 5121 San Fernando Rd. W, Los Angeles, CA 90039, (818) 247-6210,

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