Laser Tracker Measures Huge Parts

Dec. 9, 2004
Laser Tracker X measures large parts up to 230 ft and with accuracy to 0.001 in.

Laser Tracker X has Smart Warm-up and Active Thermal Compensation to ensure stable, precise measurement by managing the device temperature in most environments from factory floor to any remote operation.

The Tracker X is a portable, 3D-measurement system that uses lasers to measure largescale parts, tooling, and machinery. The system measures X, Y, and Z coordinates by following a handheld mirrored, spherical probe. The 3D position of the probe is reported in real time by high-accuracy angular encoders and the new XtremeADM feature. XtremeADM also lets the CMM overcome line-of-sight issues. If a person or object comes between the beam and probe, the user can relocate the beam and continue measuring, rather than going back to a stable point as with other systems. The unit has an Instant-On Laser for immediate measuring capability (compared to 20 min for others) and Self-Comp eliminates the previously time-consuming and user-intensive compensation process. One button push and the Tracker performs a compensation routine in only 5 min, ensuring high accuracy. Price: $89,900.

Faro Technologies Inc,
125 Technology Park, Lake Mary, FL 32746,
(800) 736-0234,

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