Multiaxis/Multimotor Control

Aug. 18, 2005
The all-motor Magellan developer's kit delivers dedicated multiaxis motion control for dc brush, brushless, microstepping, and pulse-and-direction motors.

A four-axis PCI-based motion card with the Magellan motion-control IC provides selectable profiling modes including S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing. It generates motor output signals (PWM, analog, and pulse and direction), closes a servoloop for dc brush and brushless motors, and provides PLC-style inputs and outputs for custom applications control. Additional features include separately programmable acceleration and deceleration values, parallel I/O CANbus, serial point-to-point, multidrop host communications, dual-loop encoder input, biquad servo filtering, multiple profile breakpoints, and on-card servo trace. Interfacing to a motor and external amplifier is via two 50-pin header connectors.

Performance Motion Devices Inc., 55 Old Bedford Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773, (781) 674-9860,

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