Variable-Speed Drive Works Quietly

Dec. 9, 2004
Series VSD (variable-speed-drive) pumps operate on 10 to 29 Vdc, for installations in either 12 or 24-Vdc electrical systems.

Variable-speed drive works quietly

The unit pumps 4.5 gpm, and the 10-A Model draws less than 1 A at low flow. The Sensor VSD 3.7 pumps at 3.7 gpm and draws 8 A. The units are aimed at RV, marine, beverage, and industrial applications. The latest is the RV/Marine water-system pump. The VSD Water Pressure System needs no pressure switch. Operation is sensor controlled by a microprocessor. As more water is needed, the motor responds to drive the pump for more flow. Conversely, as demand lessens, the motor slows to a "super quiet speed," still maintaining a steady system pressure. The smooth performance eliminates the need for an accumulator tank.

Plumbing for the VSD Water Pressure System has no pulsation,-water hammer, or temperature swings. Several models are available. One handles boats and RVs to 30 ft, and the other is for larger systems with higher demand.

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