Trackless Cable Comes Quick

Sept. 16, 2004
Lead times for Gore Trackless Cable are typically just two weeks or less.

The cable comes in standard configurations and has only a small minimum order quantity requirement. The self-supported cable reduces particulation, weight, size, vibration, and power requirements while permitting faster speeds, quieter motion, and simpler cable management. Standard offerings include all components needed to drive and control a motion system: shielded/ unshielded power and signal, video, Ethernet, IEEE 1394, and pneumatic lines. The bundling of electrical and pneumatic lines into one low-profile, self-supporting package allows for a simple cable-management system. Up to three cables can stack together depending on system acceleration and stroke length needs. The cable comes ready for termination with standard clamps that can mount on the platform.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
402 Vieve's Way, Elkton, MD 21922,
(800) 445-4673,

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