High-speed Camera Catches All The Action

March 17, 2005
TM-6740CL highspeed digital cameras from JAI PulNiX, Sunnyvale, Calif.,

TM-6740CL highspeed digital cameras from JAI PulNiX, Sunnyvale, Calif., capture up to 200 frames/sec at full resolution and 3,205 frames/sec in partial-scan and binning modes.

The miniature 1/3 VGA-format, progressive-scan camera comes in a 50.8 X 50.8 X 85.1-mm housing. Inside is a state-oftheart Kodak KAI-0340 CCD imager with 640 (H) X 480 (V) resolution and 7.4-m-square pixels. The camera supports both analog and digital Camera Link dual-tap output that is 8 or 10-bit software selectable.

A patent-pending onboard look-up table, (8-bit only) optimizes the video signal for maximum dynamic-range control. A full asynchronous reset with electronic shutter speeds to 1/64,000 sec, or pulse-width exposure control, permit triggered image capture and processing. Read-out-inhibit control makes possible multiple-camera applications. A software GUI, automatic dual-channel compensation, and a built-in pattern generator, round out the package.

Applications for the TM-6740CL include machine vision, medical imaging, intelligent transportation systems, high-definition graphics, gauging, character recognition, robotics, and surveillance. Cameras camera come in monochrome format (TM-6740CL) or with a Bayer CFA (TMC-6740CL). The TM-6740CL is available now.

Sunnyvale, Calif.,

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