Stainless-Steel Beam Couplings

June 2, 2005
Flexbeam couplings now use Type-303 stainless steel.

Mechanical performance is comparable to other widely used stainless steels, such as 17-4 ph, but nonmagnetic properties are useful for magnetic-sensitive instrumentation such as magnetometers. Stainless-steel beam couplings offer superior torque and wind-up performance, though with higher inertia than their aluminum counterparts. A one-piece design and spiral cut pattern accommodate angular and parallel misalignment and axial motion, and ensure zero backlash and minimal wind-up. Flexbeam-2 couplings have excellent torque capabilities for precision components such as encoders and tachometers. Flexbeam-3 couplings are ideal for light-duty power transmission applications such as coupling servomotors to lead screws. Twenty different body sizes range from 10 to 38-mm OD and 2 to 19-mm bore.

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Marlborough, MA 01752
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