Motion Engineering Announces Launch of SynqNet SQIO Modular I/O Family of Products

Dec. 9, 2004
SQIO delivers flexible bulk I/O solutions for SynqNet networks.

Motion Engineering Announces Launch of SynqNet® SQIO Modular I/OFamily of Products

Motion Engineering, Inc. (MEI) recently announced the launch of a new family of modular SynqNet I/O products compatible with any SynqNet network. SQIO product line is comprised of a SynqNet Interface Device (SQID) and flexible analog and digital add-on boards that provides machine builders a modular and cost effective high-count I/O solution. In addition, SQIO can be easily integrated to work with existing machine I/O and is also offered as part of a SynqNet developer kit solution for custom OEM solutions.

"Our goal was to produce a robust SynqNet I/O product that could fulfill ahigh-count I/O solution for OEMs, and provide a platform that could easilybe modified to accommodate existing I/O," said Ross McMillan, SQIO ProductManager. "The fact that machine builders can now implement performancemotion and I/O solutions on a single network make this a very attractivesolution for further simplifying machine design."

MEI's SQIO products work across any SynqNet network and with any SynqNetmotion control platform. The SynqNet I/O product family provides up to 256digital inputs and outputs and 16 analog inputs and outputs per SynqNetInterface Device (SQID). A total of 32 SQIDs can be installed on a SynqNetnetwork. Diagnostic capabilities of SynqNet allow for firmware /configuration file upgrade on nodes from any remote host computer. Breakoutboards on the I/O modules allow for convenient prototyping. All programmingis under a single API, and is supported by MEI's extensive library of I/Oconfiguration software, including MotionConsole, MotionScope, and VM3.

More information can be obtained from Motion Engineering, Inc. and SynqNet User Group site at

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