New Products: Gold-Plated Bellows Contacts

Aug. 21, 2008
Gold-plated bellows contacts are an alternative to spring-loaded-type test pins for high-frequency test applications.

Manufactured from electrodeposited nickel and gold plated, the contacts provide extremely low dc resistance with a minimum of insertion loss, and are rated for a 4-A maximum current. The one-piece construction and natural spring eliminate moving parts which can bind or cause unwanted resistance or impedance issues. The devices come as small as 0.020 in. in diameter. Coating the bellows with noise-reduction materials reduces crosstalk between test pins in close proximity, with little or no loss of mechanical capabilities. The bellows, made by electrodeposition, can be made from nickel, copper, gold, or silver, providing good conductivity at high frequencies (gigaHertz range and up).

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