CANopen-Enabled Motor And Driver

May 10, 2007
The CANopen MdrivePlus combines an integrated microstepping driver and motion controller with a NEMA-17, 23, or 34 high-torque brushless dc motor or a NEMA-34 or 42 brushless ac motor.

The range of motors delivers holding torques from 32 oz-in. (22.6 N-cm) for a single-stack Size 17 dc system to 2,294 oz-in. (1,620 N-cm) for a double-stack Size 42 ac system. Current flow control dampens resonance over the entire speed range while reducing audible noise. Up to eight 5 to 24-Vdc general-purpose I/O lines and an optional closed-loop configuration are available. Interface to the drive is via a standard DB9 connector or five-pin Euro circular industrial connector. Operating temperature ranges from –40 to 85°C. The CAN bus is 2.0B active and is capable of all standard frequencies from 10 kHz to 1 Mhz. System-supported modes of operation include profile position, homing, and profile velocity using the DSP-402 specification and object dictionary and communicates using CiA DS-301.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.,
Box 457, 370 N. Main St., Marlborough, CT 06447,
(860) 295-6102,


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