Heavy-Duty Grippers

Aug. 18, 2005
New Series GRR Guardian grippers provide high force and jaw travels of 150, 200, 250, and 350 mm.

The double-acting units handle both internal and external gripping and reportedly withstand high impact and shock loads. A dual-air-passage piston rod permits rapid bore pressurization for fast cycle times. TC fluoropolymer composite guideshaft bushings ensure long life and smooth jaw travel, and three largediameter jaw guides span the gripper for stable jaw travel and high moment capacities. A rack-andpinion synchronizer minimizes backlash.

Inductive proximity switches indicate jaw position. An optional sensor continuously monitors the jaw's grip position. Units can also be specified with a Rodlok option, which holds parts if air pressure is lost. The products are for gripping large, heavy parts in demanding industrial-automation applications, including small engine-block manufacturing, automotive wheel-rim manufacturing, foundry applications, clamping, and fixturing.

PHD Inc., Box 9070, Ft. Wayne, IN 46899, (260) 747-6151, phdinc.com

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