Simulation For Hydraulic Systems

Dec. 9, 2004
Hysan V6 software analyzes hydraulic systems.

Any mechanical/hydraulic system can be modeled by assembling basic elements in Hysan. The software lets users predict and optimize design performance, stability, and energy efficiency before machining and assembly. The model is constructed by taking elements from the ToolBox and connecting them on the diagram.

It contains more elements and capabilities, userinterface improvements, and solution enhancements. A few features include multiple fluid regions, frequency analysis, automatic plot scaling, and diagram solution values. New elements include a hydraulic check valve, rotational sprag clutch, rotational friction disk, hydraulic centrifugal volume, rotational double planetary, and a hydraulic-fluid region more than one type of fluid in a model or the same fluid with different parameters in regions of the model. New capabilities include showing diagram labels with the solution values for pressure, displacement, velocity, flow, force, power, or work. Frequency Content calculates the frequency terms from the transient time response and Frequency Response has an exciter that sweeps frequencies of the input and the amplitude and phase shift is calculated for the output.

Hydrasoft Corp.,
608 S. Main Ave., Kankakee, IL 60901,
(815) 933-8840.


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