New Products: Thin, Flexible Heaters

Oct. 9, 2008
A line of flexible heaters consists of etched-foil or wire-wound heater elements sandwiched between layers of flexible insulation that have uniform or profiled heat patterns.

The heaters can integrate temperature sensors, flex circuits, instruments, and other electronics.

Polyimide (Kapton) Thermofoil heaters are for use in applications with space and weight limitations, or where the heater will be exposed to vacuum, oil, or chemicals, such as in medical devices, aerospace, aviation and optoelectronics.

Silicone rubber heaters are vulcanized directly to metal parts without adhesives, making them suitable for use in food service, graphic imaging, and thermal-processing equipment.

Thermal-Clear heaters have a microthin wire-heating element between optical-grade polyester sheets to provide heat without blocking light. Applications include LCDs, cockpit displays, outdoor card readers, portable military radios and computers, and optical deicing and defogging.

The temperature and wattage capabilities of Mica heaters make them suitable for applications requiring fast warm up.

All-polyimide heaters are for applications requiring higher temperatures and watt densities, such as semiconductor- wafer processing, satellites, spacecraft, and packaging, fusing and splicing equipment.

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