10-A Current-Mode Voltage Controller

Sept. 15, 2005
The LT3800 step-down voltage controller operates from 4 to 60-Vdc input regulating an output voltage from 1.23 to 36 Vdc at up to 10 A.

The controller operates at 94% efficiency converting 60 V input to 12 V at 36 W. Burst-mode operation reduces no-load quiescent current to less than 100 A. To increase efficiency during light loads the 200-kHz fixedfrequency device uses a reverse-current inhibit feature disabling the synchronous switch when inductor current approaches zero. The adaptive nonoverlap control maintains a constant dead time, preventing shootthrough switching currents. An integrated regulator provides IC power directly from the input supply. The LT3800 comes in a 16-pin thermally enhanced TSSOP package and operates from 40 to 125°C. The LT3800 is targeted for 12 and 42-V automotive, 48-V telecom, avionic, and industrial control systems.

Linear Technology Corp., 1630 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035, (800) 454-6327, linear.com

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