Motor-Control Arc Protection

Nov. 9, 2006
The Centerline 2100 motor-control center (MCC) ArcShield option helps reduce arc-flash hazards while protecting users against internal electrical arcs in a low-voltage MCC (up to 600 V).

ArcShield features a reinforced enclosure and special arc-containment door latches that, when properly latched, allow safe internal pressure relief and help keep the doors from unlatching during an arcing fault. By containing the arc fault, the option reduces the potential for exposing workers to hazardous conditions. ArcShield helps contain arc faults by using a lower horizontal bus rating (maximum 1,200-A bus) and smaller main disconnects, which help reduce the amount of let-through energy within the MCC. The enhanced MCC meets Type-2 protection requirements (in accordance with IEEE C37.20.1), which are designed to shield personnel from arc exhaust materials on the front, rear and sides of the enclosure. Optional features include blown fuse indicators, windows on unit doors and infrared inspection ports, which allow hands-off inspection of unit status. Optional finger-safe barriers help minimize the chance of a potential arc-flash being initiated by accidental contact with energized parts.

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