New Products: Heavy-Duty Slides

Nov. 7, 2008
The HepcoMotion HDS2 heavy-duty slide system offers capacities up to 68 kN.

The system has three larger bearing sizes, including a 150-mm-diameter vee bearing and a 144-mm-diameter taper roller bearing. Single bearing capacity is now 50 kN maximum. Low-friction cap wipers expel dirt and debris and provide continuous lubrication. A removable cover allows system adjustment without disassembly.

Slides and tracks come in singlepiece construction up to 4 m long, in single or double-edge format in V slides or flat tracks. V slides have a simple alignment facility for parallelism, while flat tracks overcome the need to align two slides precisely parallel.

The system is complemented by rack-driven carriages, automatic lubrication, and helical bevel gearboxes that can be driven by ac or servomotor, as well as a variety of spur or helical rack-and-pinion options.

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