Eco-Friendly Rust Inhibitors

Feb. 9, 2006
Trim Nocor rust inhibitors are nitrate-free with low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.

The water-based cleaners reportedly perform on par with oil and solvent-based systems but are nonflammable and can be washed off metal surfaces with mild detergents. Trim Nocor E6, an emulsion rust inhibitor for steel, cast iron, and yellow metals, provides three to six months of indoor protection. It contains no boron or barium and is mainly used as a spray or dunkapplied in process or before packaging. Nocor S1, an ultralow foam synthetic, is a water-soluble ferrous corrosion inhibitor. It leaves a thin transparent film that removes easily and won't interfere with machining, gauging, and assembly. It provides short-term rust protection for ferrous parts and cast irons that need grinding and light machining. Other ecofriendly Trim family cleaners include, a mild pH version (Clean 2430) and a concentrated (3011) multipurpose fluid for removing light oils, water-soluble cutting fluids, and grinding-fluid residue while leaving a thin rust-inhibiting film on part surfaces.

Master Chemical Corp., Fluids Div., 501 W. Boundary St., Perrysburg, OH 43551, (419) 874-7902,

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