New Product: Fast-recovery rectifiers

Dec. 13, 2007
The Stealth II rectifiers feature a fast reverse and soft recovery that reduces MOSFET switching losses and EMI in continuous-current mode power-factorcorrection designs.

A low stored charge and soft recovery minimize ringing and electrical noise in the powerswitching circuit, which reduces EMI. The diodes eliminate the need for a snubber circuit and reduce EMI filter size.

Advantages of diodes in the family include high-speed switching (FFP15S60S: trr Max < 35 nsec @ IF = 15 A), low forward-voltage drop (Vf < 2.6 V), and soft recovery characteristics (FFP15S60S: tb/ta > 0.9).

Fairchild Semiconductor, 3001 Orchard Pkwy., San Jose, CA 95134, (408) 827-2000,

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