Dual-Forcer Motor W/Controllers

Nov. 9, 2006
Direct-drive ServoTube linear motors are said to double the throughput of pick-and-place applications.

Two independent load-positioning forcers are each controlled by its own Xenus microcontroller. This lets the ServoTube position two items in the time ordinarily required to position one.

Each forcer develops up to 80-lb peak drive force and 3-m/sec peak velocity. A patented magnetic design lets a solid-state position sensor replace feedback encoders to achieve 12- m repeatability. The motors are food safe and meet IP67 wash-down specifications.

The Xenus Micro, based on the higher-power Xenus controller, retains all the functionality of its big brother. Operating modes include indexer, PVT, camming, and gearing. The Xenus Micro interfaces to DeviceNet, CANopen, ASCII, stepper commands, and ±10-V position, velocity, and torque signals. Operation is from 100 to 240 Vac with a 10-A peak current.

Copley Controls Corp., 20 Dan Rd., Canton, MA 02021, (781) 828-8090, copleycontrols.com

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