Software Works With FEA To Find Fatigue Life

Dec. 9, 2004
FatigueWizard is a software add-in to Algor's FEA software.

FatigueWizard is an add-in to Algor's FEA software.

It lets users take results of stress analysis to carry out easy-to-use stress and strain-based fatiguelife calculations of product designs. The wizard simulates fatigue-based failure and lets users design for durability by subjecting a product to cyclic stress to find an endurance limit. The fatigue software is available as a menu option directly within Fempro, Algor's single user interface. FatigueWizard guides users step by step through the process of setting up a fatigue analysis including: choosing between stress and strain-based fatigue analysis, specifying material information, entering data to simulate conditions such as local stress concentrations and surface-finish effects, defining load history data, specifying a number of repetitions for the loading cycle, and calculating the model's fatigue life.

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