Motion controller works with analog inputs

April 1, 2005
The latest version of AxiomPlus motion-control system, Version 2.5x, now includes an analog input and ModBus RTU.

The analog input enables features such as force, velocity, or position control based on the analog input voltage. The ModBus RTU allows connection to various human-machine interfaces and the ability to connect several controllers together. Suitable for linear-actuation applications, Version 2.5x features registers for counter, timer, and analog values in addition to position, velocity, and torque limit. PLC flags and I/O can be read and written via ModBus or serial-port ASCII commands. A number of sequential programming and PLC instructions expand the system's capabilities, and a debug mode lets the user run the program in single, multiple, or specific steps while monitoring changing values on a watch window in real time. The dual-use analog input can be used as either analog or digital inputs. The AxiomPlus is available in 10, 20, or 30-A models.

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