Automation Controllers

July 13, 2006
Snap PAC R2 programmable automation controllers target cell control, data acquisition, and remote monitoring applications where the I/O needs are geographically contained.

They support up to 512 points of analog, digital, and serial I/O modules. In addition to I/O processing, the controllers handle PID loop control, floating-point math, and work with string variables. The controllers include two independent, auto-negotiating 10/100-Mbps Ethernet interfaces that can be used for network segmenting or Ethernet link redundancy; a 32-bit multitasking processor with floatingpoint unit; 16 Mbytes of RAM, 8 Mbytes of Flash memory, and 2 Mbytes of battery-backed RAM; and one RS-232 port with hardware handshaking control. Special software is available for developing programs and HMI applications. It includes utilities used to design, configure, debug, and maintain industrial control, monitoring, and data-acquisition applications.

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