Ceramic-to-Metal Assemblies Withstand High Power X-Rays

June 3, 2004
A family of hermetically sealed electrical feedthrus and enclosures withstands highvoltage differentials up to 150,000 V.


This ensures continuous operation and makes them ideal for CAT and cargo scanners used for security applications. They also serve in medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, and aerospace X-ray scanning devices. The ceramic-to-metal assemblies are constructed using high-purity alumina and metals, selected primarily for their matched coefficient of thermal expansion, including nickel iron cobalt and nickel iron. The components resist thermal shocks and have electrical properties that ensure longer tube life, durability, and safety-margin requirements.

Morgan Advanced Ceramics Inc.,
26 Madison Rd., Fairfield, NJ 07004,
(800) 433-0638,

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