Product Spotlight: Heavy-Duty Latch

Sept. 25, 2008
The 3-145 T-handle latch, for indoor and outdoor enclosures, is designed for two separate locks, a key lock and/or a padlock eyelet.

An antivandalism device protects the cylinder from being forcefully removed.

A minimal gap between the handle and housing prevents the latch from being pried open. To open, users unlock the two separate locks, push the handle where indicated to make the T-handle actuator spring forward, then rotate the handle actuator for access. An added safety feature ensures the handle cannot be accidentally closed, reducing the risk of injury.

The latch can be installed into the standard industry panel cutout on right or lefthand doors without any adjustments. It can be used as a single latching point; multiple latching points can be accommodated through the use of flat or round rods. The unit can be modified for remote-control access and incorporated into security-management systems.

Dirak Inc.
22560 Glenn Dr.
Sterling, VA 20164

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