Heat-Cured Adhesive Has Unlimited Working Time

Jan. 12, 2006
SC 2002 NS (non-sagging) one-part epoxy adhesive bonds similar and dissimilar substrates including fabrics, wood, steel (stainless, mild-carbon, galvanized, tin-plated, or unfinished), aluminum, ceramics, glass, and concrete.

The self-leveling gel (60,000 cps) easily fills gaps gap and produces flexible bonds with long-term durability and excellent thermal stability.

The one-part epoxy targets OEM applications such as the bonding of spider fabric to speaker voice coils, bonding end caps to filter media and bottom plates to tapping plates, and bonding stainless steel screens to frames.

SC 2002 NS is 100% reactive (no solvents) and needs no mixing. It is heat-activated and provides unlimited working time at room temperature. At 275°F, it has a fixture time of approximately 1 min. Fully cured bonds typically have an adhesive tensile-lap shear of 2,200 psi (as measured on coldrolled steel). SC 2002 NS resists corrosion and withstands service temperatures from -60 to 300°F.

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