Absolute position feedback for actuators

June 16, 2005
A fully integrated linear actuator sensor eliminates the need for homing routines.

Available for use with the company's BC3 pneumatic and B3S electric Series actuators, Absolute Position Feedback (APF) provides analog feedback to the controller or PLC to determine actual load position. Work-point variances can be accommodated throughout the cycle, eliminating stoppage for manual setups. Position feedback is active once power is applied, allowing immediate resumption from shutdowns, resets, and power losses. For pneumatic applications, the BC3-Series actuators with APF eliminate the need for hard-wired event triggers, and events can be programmed to a PLC without manually adding or adjusting switches. Analog signals of 0 to 10 Vdc or 10 to 10 Vdc are available. The APF option is for applications requiring load location at operation start-up and high-performance/high-volume production, including valve positioning, winding, measurement, stacking, inspection machinery, X-Y positioning setup, load sensing, and assembly machinery.

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