Zero-Backlash Linear Drive Has Jamproof Design

Jan. 6, 2005
For smooth backlash-free linear motion, the Model RS4 drive nut is an alternative to screw-based linear-drive systems.

The nut comes in seven sizes for varying payload and linear-speed requirements and is configurable for vertical or horizontal travel. The size of the drive nut determines shaft rotational speeds — up to 10,000 rpm. Linear travel speeds of 0.5 to 4.0 fps depend on nut size and payload weight. Axial thrust is 22 to 449 lb. Specially machined Uhing rolling-ring bearings are installed under pressure inside the drive. Constant single-point contact between the bearing and driveshaft result in zero play. The shaft of the RS4 is smooth — there are no threads for dirt or debris to become trapped, therefore eliminating clogged or jammed systems. The drives are suited for a range of linear-motion applications, including material handling, winding, test and measurement, parts transfer, and packaging.

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