Machine-Vision Software

Jan. 20, 2005
HexSight 3.3 is a PC-based machine-vision library used in robot guidance and inspection applications.

The software machine-vision library is available either as ActiveX controls (with support for .NET development environment) as well as DLL or static C++ libraries for tighter integration into vision applications. It includes an object-location tool featuring multimodel and built-in calibration support. It was made model-based for accurate location of subfeatures of varying scale and rotation. Included also are a set of vision tools that are all model-based: Edge Locator, Caliper, Blob Analyzer, and geometric Finder tools, to name a few. These tools are used once the acquisition device has processed images and parts have been accurately positioned by the locator software. They allow for various measurements and identification of parts or subfeatures of parts such as bar codes and data matrixes, thus minimizing inspection time. The machine-vision library has an open-interface architecture that allows for the support of various frame grabbers and FireWire (IEEE 1394) cameras from different vendors.

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