Help For Sheet-Metal Jobs

Feb. 3, 2005
ProFold software unfolds sheet-metal designs and supports CAD software KeyCreator 3.0. ProFold guides users in creating accurate flat-pattern layouts.

ProFold Wireframe creates a chart showing the bend parameters that were used to unfold the part. Users can specify K-factors, letting ProFold calculate the bend allowance, or directly enter a bend allowance.

The software comes in ProFold Solids, ProFold Wireframe, and ProFold Lite. The Solids version unfolds designs with a click of the mouse, stores material and bend parameters in a database, and applies the data to bends in the part under design. An interactive tree displays all part bends, letting users fine-tune parameters for each bend. A color-coded tree tells if its data was found in a bend table and whether the bend data is valid for that bend. ProFold Wireframe, included with ProFold Solids, unfolds 3D wire-frame models of sheet-metal parts. Users can specify different bend parameters for each bend on the part. To save time creating models, ProFold Wireframe lets users create a basic 3D model, add a thickness, and arcs in the bend areas.

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