Drive Handles Heavy-Duty Applications

Feb. 8, 2007
The XtraDrive Servosystem features an integrated amplifier and 5-kW, 1.5-axis controller with ECAM capability to provide complex motion profiles based on master or virtual axis encoder position.

The 400-Vac, three-phase drive delivers 1.6.5-A rms and 40.5-A rms peak. It runs motors at 6,000 rpm and peak torque to 629 lb-in. The drive functions as a stand-alone unit that can be driven by an analog or step and direction reference from a PLC or multiaxis controller or integrated into a new or existing system. The XtraDrive has two analog inputs, two analog outputs, seven programmable digital inputs, and three programmable (four dedicated) digital outputs. Extended I/O, DeviceNet, Sercos, and Macro embedded Profibus DP platforms are available.

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