New Products: Composite Cable for HDTV

Aug. 21, 2008
Brilliance7804X cables feature a highvoltage power line for an HDTV camera, two control lines, and two optical fibers for video and audio transmission.

The cable is available in three versions: halogen-free and PVC versions for studios and permanent installations and a PUR version for mobile applications. All are available with put-ups of 305, 500, and 1,000 m. The cable has two single-mode optical buffers for video and audio signals, two stranded conductors (24 awg 0.61 mm) for control and four (20 awg 0.94 mm) for power. A stranded steel strength member (14 awg 1.8 mm) runs along the center of the cable core. An overall braid shield delivers structural integrity while maintaining good flexibility and prolonging cable life.

All elements have heat-resistant PE insulation and can be used with a variety of HDTV connectors. An additional option is to have a 12-mm sheath instead of the standard 9.2 mm to prevent cable crushing in the TV studio. The cable meets ITU-G652D and is SMPTE311M compliant.

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