Actuator/Controller Combo Boost Productivity

Jan. 25, 2007
A subsystem for position-control applications consists of a direct-drive ServoTube actuator driven by a high-power density Micro Xenus controller.

The combo creates an out-of-the-box drop-in replacement for ball screw and pneumatic positioners. Maximum velocity is 3.8 m/sec and peak drive force is 87 lb.

Interaction between the permanent magnet and electrically energized magnetic fields directly drives the ServoTube actuators. The permanent magnet is sealed into the stainless-steel Thrust Rod; its electrical drive coils are encapsulated in the nonmoving Forcer. The Thrust Rod travels on long-life lubrication-free bearings built into the Forcer. For side-force applications, the actuators are available with bearings that resist lateral loading.

Micro Xenus controllers develop 10-A peak output and operate on 120 to 240 Vac. The controllers drive ServoTube actuators in environments such as multiaxis CANopen and DeviceNet control; ASCII and discrete I/O operation. ±10-V position/velocity/torque commands, PWM velocity/torque control, master encoder for gearing and camming, and digital input sequencing for indexer operation.

Copley Controls Corp.,
20 Dan Rd., Canton, MA 02021,
(781) 828-8090,


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