New Products: General-purpose industrial I/O for PCI

Jan. 10, 2008
The Mesa 5I22 is a general-purpose programmable industrial-I/O card for the PCI bus.

The 5I22 uses a 1 or 1.5-M gate Xilinx FPGA for all logic, so it is truly an “Anything I/O” card. The FPGA configuration is downloadable from the PCI bus side to create almost any kind of specialized I/O function. Each of four 50-pin connectors provides 24 programmable I/O bits for a total of 96 bits with rack-compatible pin-outs and interleaved grounds. All I/O bits are 5-V tolerant and can sink 12 mA. Pull-up resistors on all pins provide direct connection to optoisolators, contacts, etc. Bus master and DMA capability permit fast PCI transfer rates while a 48-MHz crystal oscillator provides a reference clock that can be multiplied by the FPGAs DLLs for higher clock speeds.

Several premade functions are provided, including a 16-axis hostbased servomotor controller, a 32-channel quadrature counter, many versions of the SoftDMC motion controller including four and eight-axis versions for stepmotors, brush-type servomotors, and BLDC servomotors, a simple 96-bit parallel I/O port, and a 16-channel, 32-bit timer counter card capable of running at 100 MHz. VHDL source is provided for all functions. A six-layer circuit card construction is used to minimize radiated EMI and provide optimum ground and power integrity.

Mesa Electronics, 4175 Lakeside Dr., Suite 100, Richmond, CA 94806, (510) 223-9272,

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