New Product: Optically Coupled Isolators

Feb. 21, 2008
OPI125/6/7/8 Series optical isolators consist of a GaAs infrared LED coupled to a photodiode, a linear amplifier and a Schmitt trigger integrated on a single chip.

The diode and sensor are hermetically sealed in separate packages and mounted within a high dielectric plastic housing. The isolators provide a direct TTL/LSTTL interface with four output options — totem pole, open collector, inverse totem pole, or inverse open collector. They are capable of driving up to eight TTL loads directly, without additional circuitry, at medium-speed data rates up to 250 kBaud. The isolators are rated for 15-kV isolation and carry a power dissipation rating of 200 mW. The output photosensors operate with a 20-mA supply current and a maximum low-level output voltage of 0.40 V. Typical rise and fall times for all the devices is 70 nsec, with typical low-high and high-low propagation delays of 5 μsec.

Optek Technology,
1645 Wallace Dr., Carrollton, TX 75006,
(972) 323-2200,

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