Compact Guided Pneumatic Cylinders

Nov. 4, 2004
HBBY Series guided pneumatic actuators work for gantry-style, linear-motion applications including material handling, packaging, assembly, parts transfer, machine load/unload, clamping, and product testing.

The HBBY Series consists of a double-acting, P1Y rodless cylinder powering a baseslide-carriage assembly that moves on two parallel, precision-ground and hardened (60-65 Rc) support shafts. Four linear bushings incorporated in the self-lubricated carriage guide the support shafts. Available are composite bushings with standard or oversize shafting for high loads, or sealed, recirculating linear ball bearings for low friction and precise motion.

The machined, anodized one-piece aluminum carriage has tapped and counterbored through-holes on three faces for mounting. Standard dowel-pin holes provide precision carriage mounting, while tapped holes permit direct mounting in various configurations between the HBBY Series and the existing HBN and HBC Series cantilevered-style guided cylinders.

P1Y guided rodless cylinders come standard with adjustable air cushions and bumpers for end-of-stroke control. A special floating connection between the cylinder carriage and base-slide carriage ensures long life. Optional threaded stroke adjusters with shock pads lower noise.

Additional options include inductive proximity sensors, solid-state sensors and reed switches, shock absorbers, external bumpers, adjustable stop collars, flow controls, and fluorocarbon seals.

The HBBY Series comes in strokes from 30 to 42 in. 0.030 to 0.000 in. Longer strokes are available and should use linear ball bushings.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Actuator Div.,
135 Quadral Dr., Wadsworth, OH 44281,
(330) 336-3511,

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