HMI software for E-signatures

Dec. 8, 2005
InteractX Version 2.0 offers a streamlined HMI toolset for compliance with the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 and Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) standards that require operator tracking and E-signatures.
The software now includes electronic signatures, enhanced user administration, operator authentication, tracking and data-logging audit trail functions without special scripting or software add-ons. The software will track events transparently, as part of daily operator activities, or can be used for operator authentication and supervisor approval E-Sig compliance needs. Simple checkboxes let application developers set approval requirements for specific events, while letting operators indicate desired changes in machine operation, reasons, and authentication of his or her identity through simple predefined popup dialogs. Multiple user levels are available to establish approval requirements and the system logs historical data to record events, requests, identities, and approvals, creating a complete audit trail on a machine or group of machines. The software also features fully rendered and scalable graphics, intuitive, object-style development tools, unlimited tag runtimes, real-time data acquisition, and customization tools. It runs on Windows/2000/XP operating systems as well as HPX and PX PowerStations. Parker Automaton-CTC, 50

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