40-A Groundbond Tester

Sept. 16, 2004
The Model 3140 Hyamp III, a midrange ground-bond tester, provides up to 40 A of ground-bond test current continuous duty.

It accommodates for revisions to both CSA-C22.2 NO. 60950-1-03 and UL 60950-1 standards for IT equipment. (The revisions require ground-bond test current to be twice the current rating of circuits tested. Previously, standards required test current be 1.5 times the current rating.) The rack-mounted 3140 has an LCD that shows critical information to the operator. The display simplifies the user interface and lets operators quickly set up and perform tests and read results. The unit also connects to the Hypot III to form a complete system that will perform the four most-common safety tests: AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, and Ground Bond. The tester also has a remote safety interlock, line and load regulation, milliohm offset, 50/60-Hz testing, tamperproof controls, 10 memories (each with three steps), single-step mode for linked tests, and remote PLC control.

Associated Research,
13860 W. Laurel Dr., Lake Forest, IL 60045,
(800) 858-8378, www.asresearch.com

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