Compact Leak Detector

May 5, 2005
The H2000 is a compact and robust leak-detection system that's extremely sensitive to hydrogen gas.

It detects leaks, independent of temperature, that are smaller than a single bacterium using a nonhazardous 5% hydrogen in 95% nitrogen mixture. The unit is suitable for leak detection in manufacturing environments and is easy to move when searching for leaks on large objects. The all-electric system requires no pumps, valves, or vacuums and, thus, needs minimum maintenance. It features dynamic background compensation and minimizes problems with background interference, because hydrogen gas is dissipated much quicker than other gases. The instrument features a standard probe with no sample suction, preventing dust contamination. The probes can also be equipped with protective covers for leak detection on wet objects, and if damaged, can be replaced in just a few seconds. Standard settings on the instrument can be easily changed thanks to a user-friendly display menu.

Sensistor Technologies, Inc.
2 Survey Circle, #2A
North Billerica, MA 01862
(978) 439-9200

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