Manual Press With Electronic Control

Aug. 18, 2005
The ManualPress 307/3000 System is designed for intricate press-fit assemblies, as a stand-alone assembly station, or for integration into manufacturing cells.

It offers 100% process verification,-complete force and distance monitoring,and SPC. The rack-andpinion press features electronicstroke control. Preset criteria such as stroke limits or press force must be met before the press ram returns to home position. If sensors detect a problem, an electromechanical brake automatically locks the ram.

The system can also use external sensors to verify part position before initiating a press cycle (Poke-Yoke). The 307/3000 also compensates for different press operators and how they physically move the press handle. The unit features a touchscreen display and menu-driven software. Press forces range from 25 to 900 lb with a stroke from 0 to 1.9685 in., adjustable in 0.0004-in. increments. Working height adjusts from 3.543 to 10.236 in. For tall parts or horizontal pressing, the head and control can be ordered alone.

Schmidt Technology Corp., 280 Executive Dr., Cranberry Twp., PA 16066, (800) 959-1218,

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