New Product: CAD For Motor Work

Feb. 21, 2008
Motor-CAD Version 4 offers simulation, postprocessing, and analysis technologies, as well as insight into machine cooling when things start to heat up.

It includes customized template editors for BLPM motors, BLPM motors with an outside rotor, BPM motors, single and three-phase induction motors, switched reluctance motors, synchronous generators, and claw pole generators. Preprocessing features include additional options for rotor and stator-type definitions, a template editor that controls for zooming, panning, and measuring components, and improved import/ export features for the definition of duty cycle. For examining thermal problems, there is a window for viewing the comprehensive equivalent circuit created for a given machine, and a display of temperature data directly onto the various machine components. Use of an ActiveX foundation lets users do a range of sensitivity analysis or design experiments for key machine parameters and features.

Magsoft Corp.,
20 Prospect St., Bellston Spa, NY 12020,
(518) 884-0505,

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