Thermocouple For High-Purity Processing

Jan. 11, 2007
The TS Series thermocouples are fabricated by bonding thermocouple wires between fluoropolymer tubing.

The manufacturer is said to take special care not to damage the wires' insulation, which creates a wicking path for the flow media that leads to failure of the wiring. The sensor tip itself is also sealed with fluoropolymer for protection and long life, and has minimal dead space and entrapment areas. They can have a K or J-type thermocouple probe. Mounting for the sensor is provided in the form of a T-shaped PFA fitting that can be installed as a straight union, or a 90° elbow joint. The sensor element is installed into one leg of the T assembly using a standard PFA compression ferrule set. The thermocouple is available for five tubing diameter sizes from 1 /4 to 1 in., or in a "jump-size converter" configuration.

Parker Hannifin Corp., 7075 E. South-point Rd., Tucson, AZ, 85706, (520) 574 2600,

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