FEA Includes Model Repair And Laminate Designs

Oct. 7, 2004
Strand7, a general-purpose FEA system, is aimed at static, dynamic, and heat-transfer analyses of structures.


The auger is constructed of shell elements to assess stresses in the welds for fatigue calculations. Strand7 models such structures using the sweep and extrude tools.

It includes preprocessing, postprocessing, and solvers. The interface has a consistent environment for the creation and analysis of FEA models, and the extraction and interpretation of results. A few features include Cut-copy-paste, geometry repair, and composite design. The cut-and-paste tool lets users copy selected entities and paste them within the same model or another. Copies can be repositioned and reoriented. Geometry repair heals gaps between faces that often show up on imported models. And creating composite laminate stacks is simple with the Composites module: Define each ply according to material properties and thickness, then use the Laminate Lay Up tool to build the stack including ply orientation angles.

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