20-kV Data-Transfer Optoisolator

May 25, 2006
The OPI1270 Series axial analog isolator consists of a visible red LED emitter and a phototransistor detector housed in separate opaque molded-plastic housings and coupled by a shrouded optical cable.

The cable gives the device extremely high noise immunity and comes in standard lengths of 32, 40, and 80 mm or any custom length up to 10 m. The emitter does not require precise optical alignment with the sensor housing. The device targets applications that require high voltage isolation between input and output or transmission of a signal from one location to another on the same or adjacent PC board.

The OPI1270 Series isolators are rated for a minimum of 20-kV isolation for the 32-mm device, and carry a power dissipation rating of 100 µW. The AlInGaP LED (emitter) emits red light with a peak wavelength of 645 nm. On-state collector current ranges from 0.9 to 1.5 V at an IF of 20 mA and has a maximum collector dark current of 80 A. The current transfer ratio is typically 10% with an LED current of 20 mA. Operating temperature ranges from 20 to 85°C and the devices are RoHS compliant.

optek-Danulet Inc., N118 W18748 Bunsen Dr., Germantown, WI 53022, (800) 371-4288, optek.com

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