High-Flow Vacuum Pump

March 9, 2006
The P6010 reportedly provides 40% more flow than conventional vacuum pumps while reducing energy consumption.

Based on COAX multistage ejector technology, the unit provides powerful, quiet, and nonheat generating suction at extremely low feed pressures. Additionally, the compact pump mounts close to the point of suction, thus reducing compressed-air requirements and saving energy. The pump's ejector housing is anodized aluminum to withstand demanding environments, and the complete unit has an IP65 rating. This makes the P6010 suited for automated material handling and other manufacturing processes in the automotive, robotic, graphics, and packaging industries.

Two integrated control options enhance productivity. One maintains a preset vacuum level when handling leak-prone materials such as paper and corrugated cardboard. The other stops airflow when vacuum reaches preset levels and is suited for handling nonporous objects such as sheet metal, plastic, and glass.

PIAB USA Inc., 65 Sharp St., Hingham, MA 02043, (800) 321-7422, piab.com

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