Thin-Walled Diaphragms

Aug. 24, 2006
Thin-walled diaphragms, molded of liquidsilicone rubber, have high strength, good flexibility, and improve design function and cost efficiency over parts using traditional millable gum processes.

The seals are used for pneumatic gages in automotive and truck applications where long-term life, temperature variation, and resistance to aging are an important considerations. Liquid-silicone rubber properties for grades ASTM DZZ40 durometer is Shore A of 20 to 80 and a tensile strength for ASTM D412 of 1.15 to 1.75 kpsi. These grades have heat resistance to 180°C, good flexibility down to 45°C, excellent electricalinsulating properties, and resist UV radiation and weathering. No material preprocessing is necessary.

Minnesota Rubber QMR Plastics Group, 1100 Xenium Lane N, Minneapolis, MN 55441, (952) 927-1400,

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