10,000-NM Torque Sensor

Feb. 23, 2006
The Series 9001 torque sensor targets heavy-duty applications

such as torque and position monitoring of threaded fasteners in oilrigand building-construction industries. Rated at 10,000 Nm (7,375 lb-ft), the sensor features a 38.1-mm (1.5-in.) square drive usable up to 1,000 rpm. The sensor uses fullbridge bonded strain gages with an overload capacity of 50% rated full load. Nonlinearity and hysteresis are both ±0.25% FS with a nominal output at rated capacity of 2 mV/V. Output and zero temperature coefficient is ±0.002%/°F of the reading over a temperature range of 70 to 150°F. Usable temperature range is from 0 to 200°F.

An integral 720-pole angular-position encoder generates 2,880 quadrature counts/rev for an angular resolution of 0.125°. Output format is an A-B track 90° out-of-phase signal that is flat over the entire operating speed range. Sensor size is only 66.67 117.7 108.2 mm (2.65 4.635 4.260 in.) Overall length, including the square drives, is 139.7 mm (5.5 in.)

RS Technologies, 24350 Indoplex Circle, Farmington Hills, MI 48335, (248) 888-8260, rstechltd.com

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