All-Plastic Strainer Basket

Oct. 7, 2004
All-plastic Simplex strainer baskets protect-components from damage by particulate matter in the process media.

Particles pass through a perforated or mesh-lined basket inside the strainer. The baskets hand-removable, spin-off cover features two angled handlesfor easy access to the strainer basket. The cover has external threads than never contact the process media. Hand-removable threaded plugs in the cover and body of the strainer ease venting and draining. The strainers feature three piping connections used as inlets and outlets that let them work in-line or in loop piping configurations without extra pipes or fittings. Simplex strainers are made from PVC and CPVC, in sizes from 1/2 to 8 in., with socket, threaded, or flanged connections, and Viton seals. A clear, see-through model is also available.

Hayward Industrial Products Inc., 900 Fairmont Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07207, (908) 351-5400,

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