Mold-Release Additive For TPOS

March 9, 2006
MoldWiz INT-33CRS makes it easier for impact-modified TPOs (thermoplastic olefins) to release from their molds.

Typical high-flexural-modulus TPOs have a high rubber content. This improves impact resistance, but makes it harder to mold parts with consistent surface finishes. The INT-33CRS additive, a proprietary mixture of saturated and unsaturated fatty esters and modified organic acid derivatives, improves the matte surface finish of interior and exterior auto trim parts. And unpainted interior parts maintain consistent matte surfaces in postproduction cabin simulation tests, says the company. A 40% talc-filled, high-flexural modulus part, for example, easily releases from the mold with only a 0.3% addition of INT-33CRS.

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories Inc., Box 770855, Woodside, NY 11377, (800) 332-2935,

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