Linear Drive With Adjustable Length

March 22, 2007
A reciprocating linear-motion assembly includes a means of automatically lengthening or shortening the travel distance on-the-fly without programming or electronic controls.

Actuated as the drive moves, a mechanical mechanism on the assembly ratchets the end stops farther apart or closer together in specific increments, which are set using a dial. As the end stops move, the stroke length changes accordingly. Example applications include applying adhesives/coatings, spraying, wash downs and winding onto spools with tapered flanges. A unidirectional motor (not included) may be used to drive the system because the stroke length is controlled independently of the drive motor speed and rotational direction. The assemblies come in various sizes and provide axial thrust from 7 to 800 lb. Depending on size, linear speed may reach 13 fps. Backlash-free drives feature mechanically controlled and adjusted linear speed and travel direction without changing gears or reversing the motor.

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